Pieter Veenstra

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Working in IT consultancies in both the Netherlands and the UK, I have gained experience in a number of different companies and different sectors and have developed a highly flexible skill set.

I am also part of several teams within Microsoft, advising Microsoft with new product ideas. One of these teams is the Microsoft Teams Elite team, which is formed by the 100 most active MVPs in the Microsoft Teams arena. Other Microsoft engineering teams that I frequently work with are the SharePoint, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow team.

With so much new technology, it is important to keep up with new developments. My blog ( ) started as a way of expressing my views on technology, but has now reached explosive levels. Seeing the growth of followers and knowing that people were interested in my insights and opinions pushed me forward. It has resulted in my views being noticed by Microsoft and I have achieved their ‘Most Valued Professional’ accolade or MVP for Office Apps and Services.

At Triad we help our clients become more efficient and competitive through technology solutions that will work best for them. Finding the right solution for a business is not always what they originally thought they wanted. Different types of customer need different solutions. That’s why we take time to understand a client’s core business, the processes needed and the impact it can have if things go wrong.

Delivering the impossible in the client’s eyes by providing effective technology solutions to a problem they knew they had, but didn’t know how to solve is extremely satisfying.

Technology is my main inspiration in life but I also love sport. I have been coaching Korfball, the Dutch version of basketball, for over 25 years and with a number of clubs across the UK I am able to continue playing.

To find out how the right technology can have a positive effect on your business, please feel free to connect with me.