Kris Cocozza

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Started my career as an analogue radio technician in the early 00's, then experienced my first digital transformation as the move was made from analogue to digital radio communications. Responsible for Communication Network Insfrastructure as a radio systems manager, the transition into the IT industry was easy.

In 2015 my focus changed to a data driven role. My passion for data and solid analytical skillset took me on a fantastic journey through the Microsoft Data Platform where my focus has remained and grown strongly in the last years.

Administering SQL Server databases, developing databases, concepting and developing BI solutions and delivering training on the MS BI Stack are just a few of my responsibilities.

Now alongside this, I lead a Team of Business Intelligence Experts, delivering Solutions to Enterprise customers. Managing People and Data are my main passions and now I get to do both!

Outside of data I love running, mountain biking and go-karting.