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Step by Step Guide Reflective Essay 2021

Most people think that they best learn from experiences. However, if they don’t think consciously and essay writer, it’s difficult for them to learn anything at all. At this point Gibb's reflective cycle is useful. Gibb's reflective cycle starts at a description following assessment, feelings, examination, analysis, action plan, and conclusion. If you are given a college essay or reflective writing then you can follow the following steps of the Gibbs model. You can also take professional help to explore different reflective writing in your subject. 


This step of Gibb's reflective cycle discusses the activity, experience, event, and situation in detail without immediately focusing on the conclusion. At this stage, the main aim of an individual is to write my essay for me and know what happened. To get a better understanding of an event or situation you can ask the following questions. 

  • When did this happen?
  • What were the consequences of an event?
  • Where did this happen?
  • Who were there?
  • What happened actually?


At this stage, feelings are discussed that were triggered by the situation. It includes people's thoughts during the incidents described in the first stage. The main purpose of knowing the person's feel is not to give comments or detailed information on these. Keep in mind, there is no need to free essay writer and evaluate or judge emotions. The main purpose at this stage is to get knowledge of the feelings. The following questions can be helpful at this stage.

  • What were your feelings during the situation?
  • What were your feelings after the situation?
  • In your opinion what others feel about the situation?
  • What did you feel before the event or situation? 
  • What are your feeling right now about the situation?

Because most of the people feel difficulty in expressing their feelings, this cycle helps by encouraging them by the questions. Gibbs's reflective cycle is used in coaching, counseling and specific setting. 


At this stage, ask yourself that whether the experience of the situation in stage 1 was bad or good. Which process worked best? In what manner process worked best? Which process did not work? Sometimes it can be very hard for people to be impartial. To carry out the evaluation, the questions mentioned below are very helpful.

  • What was that?
  • What goes right during the situation?
  • What went wrong during the situation or activity? 
  • What do you think was your contribution?
  • What were the other people's contributions?

It is very important to assess bad experience as step in Gibbs's reflective cycle helps individuals to learn from their experience. 


This step of Gibbs cycle is all about what you have gained from the activity or situation. These experiences can help you to know what to do if in future same events or situations occurs. This means both negative and positive problems or things you faced will be analyzed individually as people learn from their previous mistakes and experiences. 


It is very important to recognize that what you have learned from previous experience, whether you could have done something else or could have responded in some other ways. If you are thinking or talking about write essay for me then analyze whether you should do the same thing again to guarantee a positive outcome. It is also very important to take into account things which you can do to improve things further. 

Action plan

In this stage, the Action plan sums up everything that are important to improve things for next time. You need to do some training or you can ask your supervisor for some good advice that can help you to cope up better if you experience a similar situation in the future. 

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