Cambridge Power Platform User Group

When:  May 7, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM (GMT)

The next Cambridge Power Platform User Group will be hosted on 7th May 2021(National Space Day).

This is a free event driven by communities around the world, for anyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft Power Platform.

This event will be hosted via Microsoft Teams ending with a Q&A session.

Speakers Line-up:

Serge Luca

Session: Advanced Business Process Management with Power Automate and Doctor Flow

In this session, Doctor Flow aka ‘Serge Luca’ will illustrate several best practices for using Power Automate in real business enterprise and mission-critical projects.

Having worked on 15 Power Platform projects during the last 3 years, Serge has identified several limitations that can have a huge impact on your projects, even though the tool is easy to start with.

Some new patterns will be discussed during this demo-oriented session. Serge will also demonstrate the next iteration of his baby, the free and open-source Power Platform BPM Toolkit that overcomes some limitations of Power Automate. Including an RPA integration.


Dharanidharan Balasubramaniam - Microsoft Business Applications MVP

Session Title: ALM for Power Platform - Zero to Hero


Eldert Grootenboer - Technology Lead MVP

Session:  Take back your time; Let AI do the work for you!


We all have those tasks that keep coming back, taking away from the tasks we really would want to be doing. Maybe it's writing your hours in different systems for your clients, claiming back your expenses, or typing data from a form into that legacy system.

We can't change the underlying systems, so we are just stuck with this manual effort time and time again... Or are we? What if we could automate these tasks, without the need to change our applications?

In this session full of demos, you will learn how to use UI Flows to set up your personal RPA helpers, that will take these repeating actions out of your hands.

And we will make your flows even smarter, by using the power of Microsoft Cognitive Services to recognize text and images.

Together these services allow us to automate all those tedious repeating chores, allowing us to focus on our interesting tasks. And all this using an intuitive UI, without the need to write any code.


Elizabeth Akinfiieva  - Power Apps Developer

Session: Enhance capabilities with Office 365 in the Power Platform


We often have to build applications using Office 365 product connectivity. To extend standard access to office products, we need to use the Graph API. At the meeting,

we will create a custom connector and analyze the principle of working with the API.


Microsoft Teams

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