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PowerApps - Feasibility ???

  • 1.  PowerApps - Feasibility ???

    Gold Contributor
    Posted Jan 27, 2023 09:39 AM

    Hope everyone is good!


    Question : Is it possible to create an attendance system [using Power apps] that allows :

    1 . Professor can create session and have multiple session under his name : Session or Class will have specific information as follow :

        - Class name, Hours, Date, Topic, Open/Closed/Cancelled, Address ......


        - Automatically, the new session created will be attached to survey where participants will add their information as Name, ID, Diploma, Address, Age, ....

    2 - Professor can create link for this session (#1) and share it with participants  for registration.


    3 - Participants / Students can use the shared link  to open survey and respond to questions (Name, ID, Diploma, Address, Age, ....)


    4. Professor will use this survey results [list] as attendance file and store the data for this specific survey.


    Thank you Everyone.

    S B
    Data Manager