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re: flow doesn't work

  • 1.  re: flow doesn't work

    Posted Jul 28, 2020 05:18 PM
    ​Hi Matt,

    Thanks for responding. Apologies for starting a new thread but I couldn't reply. Send button did nothing!

    It's not managed metadata - I created the list column in SP and added the values as a drop down menu.

    I am not comparing two columns - I am (or trying to)  asking it to recognise when an item is changed (which it does) and then look to see if the column has a particular value ('Let' in this case) and then create an item in list 2 and delete from list 1.

    It fails to recognise that the value is 'Let' it returns false.

    Hope that explains it better.

    I think Power Automate is great, but there are pitfalls for the unwary - like me.

    David Feiven
    Project Manager

  • 2.  RE: re: flow doesn't work

    Bronze Contributor
    Posted Jul 28, 2020 05:24 PM
    Hi David, no problems I sometimes struggle on here too :)

    With regards to your condition, the screenshots that you posted suggest that both sides of the condition are SharePoint dynamic content which is why they have the SP icon next to them.

    On the left hand side of your condition, you should be able to find the dynamic content: Void Type Value. The value is the key thing, as when a choice field comes back it will come back with an ID and a Value, and you want to compare against the value. On the right hand side, just type the word Let. Don't use dynamic content, just type it in. That should then do a string compare between the two and evaluate as true.

    Let me know how you get one.

    Matt Weston